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General Manager & Founder of

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If I made it, why not you? 

Self-taught, "multipotential", a bit of everything... I have always been asked what was the secret of my ability to analyze, understand, anticipate, repair and optimize the organizations I have had to explore through my (soon) 30 years of professional activities as rich as they are varied.

To try to explain... 

My atypical career path does not meet the standards of the French-speaking environment (much less interested in the notions of added value, skills and results than in the enhancement of university studies), I have long sought to give meaning to my life and especially a professional "box" in which to legitimately position myself. 

Realizing that it was a lost cause, I naturally developed a posture that allowed me to take ownership of the environments in which I worked as an employee while demonstrating the innovation and creativity that led these Companies to much better performance. 


After many years of practice and frustration, I discovered that I was in fact what is now called INTRAPRENEURE.

Moreover, I have always been passionate about human relations, and for many years I have devoted myself to revealing and optimising the potential of individuals, and the relationships they can build together by becoming a coach (certified with a specialisation in emotional intelligence at the service of Entrepreneurship and Management and NLP).


Today I am an ENTREPRENEUR and I support my private clients/professionals/intrapreneurs/entrepreneurs and company managers. in their journey of progress and performance research.

Do you need my help? Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs.

See you soon!

Our Methods 


Our capacity of listening, our neutral, new and benevolent look, the confidence and quality of our speakers. 


We also provide you with our technical expertise, our network of professionals and expert partners, our dynamism and our ability to take action... in short, we are proactive, and therefore an inspiring source for change.


Our Values 


Caring, humanism, respect, authenticity, simplicity, positivity and surpassing oneself are the key values that characterize our philosophy and our services.


Our Commitments


A rigorous ethical framework based on respect, commitment and confidentiality.

A pragmatic, results-oriented approach.

A win-win partnership.

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